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Constrained linear state signal shaping model predictive control for harmonic compensation in power systems

: Weihe, K.; Cateriano Yanez, C.; Pangalos, G.; Lichtenberg, G.

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IFAC-PapersOnLine 53 (2020), Nr.2, S.6937-6942
ISSN: 2405-8963
ISSN: 1474-6670
International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC World Congress) <21, 2020, Online>
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For signal shaping problems, in contrast to reference following problems, a possibility is to make use of the signal's shape as a control objective, described by a difference equation. In order to do this, a shape class is defined, giving a measure of how close to a specific shape a signal is. The shape class defines the weighting matrices of the standard quadratic cost function of a model predictive controller. The optimization problem is solved with constraints using a standard quadratic program solver. An application example shows the suitability of the approach for active power filters.