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How Can the Right Choice of Packaging Materials Prevent a Loss of Quality in Sun Care Products?

: Springer, Arielle; Reinelt, Matthias; Jesdinszki, Marius; Wunderlich, Joachim

SOFW-Journal. English edition 147 (2021), Nr.7/8, S.30-34
Fraunhofer IVV ()

Sun Care products contain active ingredients protect the skin before, during and after sun exposure. However, these active ingredients can lose their effect due to the influence of light and temperature during storage. To prevent this, packaging can be specifically adapted to the requirements of these products in terms of light protection. In addition, the packaging also protects the products from oxidative influences. An adapted oxygen and water vapor barrier can guarantee high product quality over the storage period. Currently, there is a great demand for sustainable packaging. However, these often lead to compromises in terms of barrier properties and product quality. Current research is determining how the product’s requirement for packaging can be reconciled with sustainability. With the help of so-called digital modeling tools, product quality can be predicted over the storage period, thus facilitating sustainable packaging selection.