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How to evaluate a transition-oriented funding programme? Lessons learned from the evaluation of FONA, the German framework programme to promote sustainability research

: Seus, Sarah; Bührer, Susanne

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Plattform fteval. Forschungs- und Technologieevaluierung 52 (2021), S.10-18
ISSN: 1726-6629
ISSN: 1726-6645
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evaluation; sustainability; sustainability research; interdisciplinarity; transdisciplinarity; transformation; Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaft; Nachhaltigkeit; Interdisziplinarität; Transdisziplinarität

This article is based on the evaluation of the German research funding programme “FONA - Forschung für Nachhaltigkeit” (Research for Sustainability.) It reflects upon the methodological challenges confronting the evaluation. These challenges result from the specific objectives and design of the FONA programme (a strategic portfolio of heterogenious interventions). FONA’s ambition is to fund activities under the emerging field of ‘sustainability research’. The core characteristics of sustainability research are: interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research processes; orientation towards transferring the research results (into society) and the interdependency with a wider system and global perspective.