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Introduction to "Zooming in and out: Special issue on local transition governance"

: Köhler, Jonathan; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Wittmayer, Julia


Environmental innovation and societal transitions 40 (2021), S.203-206
ISSN: 2210-4224
Fraunhofer ISI ()
local transitions; governance; transition framework; actor networks

Transitions research has paid increasing attention to the different spatial scales of transitions. This special section considers whether fundamental changes in structures, cultures and practices can be addressed at local or district scales. This focus on local scales also draws the attention to different types of local actors, their roles, activities, networks and interactions. Conceptual papers develop typologies addressing the dynamics of local transitions and suggest strategies for making transitions last. It is argued that local governance has limited personnel and financial resources to support transitions. Network development is one strategy for addressing this. Case studies confirm that local context is important in understanding transitions processes, along with their relationships to higher levels of governance.