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Life cycle assessment for milling of Ti- and Ni-based alloy aero engine components

: Bergs, T.; Grünebaum, T.; Fricke, K.; Barth, S.; Ganser, P.

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Procedia CIRP 98 (2021), S.625-630
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) <28, 2021, Online>
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Motivation: Aero engine optimization focuses on reducing emissions during operation. Resource extraction and manufacturing are considered insufficiently. An LCA of resource extraction and machining for aero engine components comparing a Ti-alloy and a Ni-alloy was conducted.
Method: Aero engine components were manufactured comparing a Ti-alloy and a Ni-alloy.
Results: Machining mostly affects climate change, water use, resource depletion and human toxicity. The Ni-alloy showed an overall higher environmental impact than the Ti-alloy.
Conclusion: Raw material, tool life and energy usage significantly contribute to environmental impacts. Further investigation should focus on tool life travel path optimization and reducing raw material.