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Schriftplatzierungsalgorithmen mit Konfliktvermeidung für Geoinformationssysteme

Label placement algorithms avoiding conflicts for geographic information systems
: Reiner, N.; Hahmann, S.; Kopf, S.

GIS.Science 34 (2021), Nr.1, S.9-21
ISSN: 1869-9391
ISSN: 1430-3663
Fraunhofer IVI ()

This contribution gives an overview on the state of the art of existing algorithms for automatic placement of labels in maps. An explicit focus is on conflict avoiding algorithms and the performance of algorithms. The literature review is followed by a pro-posed set of algorithms for each geometry type â point, line and area. We conclude by presenting results of an empirical study that helps to select reasonable values for some of the applied parameters of the presented algorithms.