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Two-dimensional conductive phthalocyanine-based metal-organic frameworks for electrochemical nitrite sensing

: Lu, S.; Jia, H.; Hummel, M.; Wu, Y.; Wang, K.; Qi, X.; Gu, Z.

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RSC Advances 11 (2021), Nr.8, S.4472-4477
ISSN: 2046-2069
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2D nickel phthalocyanine based MOFs (NiPc-MOFs) with excellent conductivity were synthesized through a solvothermal approach. Benefiting from excellent conductivity and a large surface area, 2D NiPc-MOF nanosheets present excellent electrocatalytic activity for nitrite sensing, with an ultra-wide linear concentration from 0.01 mM to 11 500 mM and a low detection limit of 2.3 μM, better than most reported electrochemical nitrite sensors. Significantly, this work reports the synthesis of 2D conductive NiPc-MOFs and develops them as electrochemical biosensors for non-enzymatic nitrite determination for the first time.