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On Computing Impulse Responses from Frequency-Domain Finite Element Solutions

: Prinn, A.G.

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Journal of theoretical and computational acoustics 29 (2021), Nr.1, Art. 2050024, 31 S.
ISSN: 2591-7285
ISSN: 2591-7811
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In acoustics, knowledge of the impulse response of a system is often important. While impulse responses may be measured, they may also be predicted using numerical methods. This work considers the generation of impulse responses from frequency-domain finite element solutions. It is shown that these impulse responses, obtained by inverse Fourier transformation, are noncausal. Through error analysis, it is demonstrated that the noncausality can be reduced by increasing the duration of a source signal used to excite a simulated system. It is found that increasing the source signal duration increases the dispersion-related phase error present in the simulated impulse responses. The findings of this study are used to simulate an impulse response for a system with a nonuniform, frequency-dependent, complex impedance boundary condition.