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V2X in 3GPP Standardization: NR Sidelink in Release-16 and Beyond

: Harounabadi, M.; Soleymani, D.M.; Bhadauria, S.; Leyh, M.; Roth-Mandutz, E.


IEEE communications standards magazine 5 (2021), Nr.1, S.12-21
ISSN: 2471-2825
Fraunhofer IIS ()

The 5G mobile network brings several new features that can be applied to existing and new applications. High reliability, low latency, and high data rate are some of the features that fulfill the requirements of vehicular networks. Vehicular networks aim to provide safety for road users and several additional advantages such as enhanced traffic efficiency and in-vehicle infotainment services. This article summarizes the most important aspects of NR-V2X, which is standardized by 3GPP, focusing on sidelink communication. The main part of this work belongs to 3GPP Release 16, which is the first 3GPP release for NR-V2X, and the work/study items of the future Release 17.