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A time series classification approach to non-destructive hardness testing using magnetic Barkhausen noise emission

: Unterberg, M.; Stanke, J.; Trauth, D.; Bergs, T.

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Production Engineering. Research and development 15 (2021), Nr.3-4, S.509-517
ISSN: 0944-6524
ISSN: 1863-7353
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The process setup of manufacturing processes is generally knowledge-based and carried out once for a material batch. Industry experts observe fluctuations in product quality and tool life, albeit the process setup remains unchanged. These fluctuations are mainly attributed to fluctuations in material parameters. An in-situ detection of changes in material parameters would enable manufacturers to adapt process parameters like forces or lubrication before turbulences like unexpectedly high tool wear or degradation in product quality occurs. This contribution shows the applicability of a deep learning time series classification architecture that does not rely on handcrafted feature engineering for the classification of hardness fluctuations in a sheet-metal coil using magnetic Barkhausen noise emission. This methodology is not limited to the detection of hardness fluctuations in sheet-metal coils and can potentially be applied for the in-situ material property classification in different manufacturing processes and for different material parameters.