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An algorithm for statistical evaluation of weld toe geometries using laser triangulation

: Renken, F.; von Bock und Polach, R.U.F.; Schubnell, J.; Jung, M.; Oswald, M.; Rother, K.; Ehlers, S.; Braun, M.


International journal of fatigue 149 (2021), Art. 106293
ISSN: 0142-1123
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Commonly, to evaluate the influence of the local weld geometry in fatigue test, small-scale specimens are used, assuming those represent a longer weld adequately. In this study, a comparison between short specimens and a long weld is performed. A method is developed for the statistical evaluation of weld toe radii and angles, stress concentration factors and weld quality classes. The results show a strong sampling rate dependence and lower ISO 5817:2014 weld quality results for higher sampling rates. Comparable results between short specimens and a long weld can be achieved using modal values of the parameters assuming a lognormal distribution.