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Experimental analysis of Raman-induced transverse mode instability in a core-pumped Raman fiber amplifier

: Distler, V.; Möller, F.; Yildiz, B.; Plötner, M.; Jauregui, C.; Walbaum, T.; Schreiber, T.

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Optics Express 29 (2021), Nr.11, S.16175-16181
ISSN: 1094-4087
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fiber lasers; Fibers; stimulated Raman scattering

The effect of transverse mode instability is a limitation for the power scaling of fiber laser systems, that can originate due to heat caused by stimulated Raman scattering. In this contribution, we experimentally investigate the threshold of transverse mode instability caused by stimulated Raman scattering in a passive fiber. Both, the Stokes seed power and the fiber length of a core-pumped Raman fiber amplifier are varied to systematically study this effect. Mode resolved measurements reveal that the threshold occurs at approximately the same Stokes output power for all tested configurations, independent of the total Raman conversion efficiency. These results increase the understanding of this type of mode instability and show which parameters are important for a further power scaling of high-power Raman fiber amplifiers.