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Towards Collaboration with Societal Actors in the Field of Industrial Automation

: Schroth, Fabian; Häußermann, Johann Jakob

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Erstellt am: 23.6.2021

Braun, Robert; Hagan, Kathrine Collin; Gerhardus, Anna; González, Francisco; Häußermann, Johann Jakob; Langkjær, Frederik; Popa, Eugen; Schroth, Fabian; Starkbaum, Johannes ; Schroth, Fabian (Ed.); Kaiser, Simone (Ed.); Schraudner, Martina (Ed.):
Quadruple Helix Collaboration in Practice : Insights from the EU Project RiConfigure
Stuttgart: Fraunhofer IAO, 2021
DOI: 10.24406/IAO-N-636131
European Commission EC
H2020; 788047; RiConfigure
Reconfiguring Research and Innovation Constellations
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Fraunhofer IAO ()

This chapter provides insights from a research-initiated Quadruple Helix Collaboration. A social lab on the future of work was established within an existing local innovation ecosystem. The lab provided space to reflect on the societal impacts of a new technology. This chapter shows the different resources that the four helixes may contribute to innovation processes in the field of industrial automation. Furthermore, it draws attention to the local innovation ecosystem of a Quadruple Helix Collaboration, as well as the importance of civil society in making a technological innovation a success.