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Method and apparatus für reducing interference caused to positioning signals in a wireless communication system

: Ghimire, Birendra; Alawieh, Mohammad

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EP 3783986 A1: 20190819
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The embodiments herein relate to method performed by network entity (LMF) and also relate to a location server including the LMF for reducing interference caused to or by positioning signals. The method comprising: acquiring (1501), from a serving network node serving a user equipment, UE, a configuration of an uplink positioning signal and information on uplink resources for the UE to transmit the uplink positioning signal; identifying (1502) at least one network entity, that need to receive the uplink positioning signal from the UE to be positioned; collecting (1503) information about each neighboring cell neighboring at least one network node nearest the at least one network entity; and informing (1504) each network node controlling a neighboring cell to keep certain uplink resources constrained or unscheduled to avoid interference with the uplink resources used by the UE to transmit the uplink positioning signal to said at least one network entity.