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Uplink beamforming framework for advanced 5G networks

: Großmann, Marcus; Varatharaajan, Sutharshun

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WO 2021028059 A1: 20190815
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses suitable for an uplink beamforming framework for advanced radio technologies such as 5G. The method performed by a UE comprises: receiving (2001), from a network node, via a higher layer, a configuration of an Information element (IE) comprising a set of parameters used for the configuration of an UL beam direction or a spatial filter to be used in a UL transmission; wherein the IE contains at least: an ID unique to each IE and an ID of an UL reference signal, RS resource or a DL RS resource; and applying (2002) the UL beam direction or spatial filter IE for the transmission of at least a PUSCH and/or a PUCCH resource and/or a SRS resource.