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Methods and apparatuses for resource allocation in a telecomunications network

: Eberlein, Ernst; Alawieh, Mohammad; Franke, Norbert; Ghimire, Birendra; Hadaschik, Niels

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EP 3681226 A1: 20190110
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present disclosure relates methods and apparatuses (UE, scheduler, network node) for resource allocation in a network. According to embodiments herein there are provided a new resource allocation scheme for an UL-TDOA resource allocation scheme and the related UL-PRS signals. The procedure is also applicable for RTT uplink resource allocation. The main technical effects and advantages achieved by the embodiments herein include: A resource allocation concept offering a high flexibility. The positioning update rate is configurable for each UE allowing that for semi static objects a low update rate is selected whereas for moving devices a high update rate is feasible. The signalisation overhead is minimized. The UEs may be configured semi-persistent. Using different transmit periods for each UE results in random SINR (Signal to Interference Noise Ratio) values and ensures that UEs with high pathloss are also detected. The sequences used for positioning are optimized according to the ToA measurement requirements (unlike the existing SRS).