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Light-field-driven current control in solids with pJ-level laser pulses at 80 MHz repetition rate

: Hanus, V.; Csajbók, V.; Pápa, Z.; Budai, J.; Márton, Z.; Kiss, G.Z.; Sándor, P.; Paul, P.; Szeghalmi, A.; Wang, Z.; Bergues, B.; Kling, M.F.; Molnár, G.; Volk, J.; Dombi, P.

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Optica 8 (2021), Nr.4, S.570-576
ISSN: 2334-2536
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IOF ()
electric current control; fused silica; gallium nitride; hafnium oxide; semiconductor lasers

Future PHz electronic devices may be able to perform operations on few-femtosecond time-scales. Such devices are based on the ability to control currents induced by intense few-cycle laser pulses. Investigations of this control scheme have been based on complex, amplified laser systems, typically delivering mJ or sub-mJ-level laser pulses, limiting the achievable clock rate to the kHz regime. Here, we demonstrate transient metallization and lightwave-driven current control with 300-pJ laser pulses at 80 MHz repetition rate in dielectric media (HfO2 and fused silica), and the wide-bandgap semiconductor GaN. We determine the field strength dependence of optically induced currents in these media. Supported by a theoretical model, we show scaling behaviors that will be instrumental in the construction of PHz electronic devices.