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Potential of Dual and Multi Energy XRT and CT Analyses on Iron Formations

: Bauer, Christine; Wagner, Rebecca; Orberger, Beate; Firsching, Markus; Ennen, Alexander; Garcia Pina, Carlos; Wagner, Christiane; Honarmand, Maryam; Nabatian, Ghasem; Monsef, Iman

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Sensors. Online journal 21 (2021), Nr.7, Art. 2455, 20 S.
ISSN: 1424-8220
ISSN: 1424-8239
ISSN: 1424-3210
European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT
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x-ray; computed tomography; X-ray transmission; banded iron ore; nodular iron ore; quartz content; iron ore processing; dual energy; basis material decomposition; multi energy

Dual and multi energy X-ray transmission imaging (DE-/ME-XRT) are powerful tools to acquire quantitative material characteristics of diverse samples without destruction. As those X-ray imaging techniques are based on the projection onto the imaging plane, only two-dimensional data can be obtained. To acquire three-dimensional information and a complete examination on topology and spatial trends of materials, computed tomography (CT) can be used. In combination, these methods may offer a robust non-destructive testing technique for research and industrial applications. For example, the iron ore mining and processing industry requires the ratio of economic iron minerals to siliceous waste material for resource and reserve estimations, and for efficient sorting prior to beneficiation, to avoid equipment destruction due to highly abrasive quartz. While XRT provides information concerning the thickness, areal density and mass fraction of iron and the respective background material, CT may deliver size, distribution and orientation of internal structures. Our study shows that the data provided by XRT and CT is reliable and, together with data processing, can be successfully applied for distinguishing iron oxide rich parts from waste. Furthermore, heavy element bearing minerals such as baryte, uraninite, galena and monazite can be detected.