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SiC for Power Electronics and More - 150mm and 200mm Technologies on the Move

Presentation held at SEMICON Technology Week 2021, Online-Event, 23.03.2021
: Erlbacher, Tobias

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2021, 31 Folien
SEMICON Technology Week <2021, Online>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IISB ()

Silicon carbide has turned into an established material for high voltage power semiconductor devices. This talk will start with a brief recap of the SiC device and processing history to date summarizing the benefits of SiC devices in power converters, the progress in development of such power devices and the tremendous efforts of governments and industry to make SiC economically feasible. On the basis of this success, the presentation will then focus on chances to further exploit the availability of SiC manufacturing technology in combination with 150mm and 200mm processing lines and recent developments towards new horizons. Present trends in power device fabrication are summarized and discussed. This also includes the utilization of SiC CMOS technology towards integrated circuits for harsh environments. High temperature analog signal amplification will serve as an example. Additionally, some of the challenges involved with doping Silicon carbide and the corresponding modelling will be addressed. Also, the presentation will provide an outlook towards the application of SiC electronics towards quantum computing and sensing. Challenges and chances towards the implementation of quantum dots, magnetic field sensing and quantum logic will be discussed. Finally, the presentation will include a summary towards SiC fabrication technology and a call to action for tool manufacturers, designers and application engineers to exploit the new capabilities that Silicon carbide device technology offers.