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Data-based turbulence evaluation in production systems

: Böhm, Markus; Bauernhansl, Thomas

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Procedia CIRP 99 (2021), S.686-691
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME) <14, 2020, Online>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
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Fertigungssystem; Produktionsdatenerfassung; Turbulenz

Every customer order causes different levels of turbulences in the production process - depending on order type, quantity and point of time. Today, these turbulences are usually assessed qualitatively. One way of evaluation with sufficient accuracy is to use historical data. The aim of this approach is a near real-time, situation-dependent evaluation of unpredicted efforts for the provision of the production output. The information basis is historical data collected as key figures (e.g. feedback data) with time stamps. This article describes how retrospective information can be used to make real-time statements about the turbulences caused by future orders.