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Multipoint reconstruction of wind speeds

: Behnken, C.; Wächter, M.; Peinke, J.

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Wind energy science : WES 5 (2020), Nr.3, S.1211-1223
ISSN: 2366-7443
ISSN: 2366-7451
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The most intermittent behaviour of atmospheric turbulence is found for very short timescales. Based on a concatenation of conditional probability density functions (cpdf's) of nested wind speed increments, inspired by a Markov process in scale, we derive a short-time predictor for wind speed fluctuations around a non-stationary mean value and with a corresponding non-stationary variance. As a new quality this short-time predictor enables a multipoint reconstruction of wind data. The used cpdf's are (1) directly estimated from historical data from the offshore research platform FINO1 and (2) obtained from numerical solutions of a family of Fokker–Planck equations in the scale domain. The explicit forms of the Fokker–Planck equations are estimated from the given wind data. A good agreement between the statistics of the generated and measured synthetic wind speed fluctuations is found even on timescales below 1 s. This shows that our approach captures the short-time dynamics of real wind speed fluctuations very well. Our method is extended by taking the non-stationarity of the mean wind speed and its non-stationary variance into account.