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Analysis of novel morphing trailing edge flap actuated by multistable laminates

: Haldar, A.; Jansen, E.; Hofmeister, B.; Bruns, M.; Rolfes, R.


AIAA journal 58 (2020), Nr.7, S.3149-3158
ISSN: 0001-1452
Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Energie BMWi (Deutschland)
0324032 C; SmartBlades2
Fraunhofer IWES ()

This paper presents an analysis of a novel morphing trailing edge flap design for a wind turbine rotor blade with embedded multistable composite plates. Morphing trailing edge devices are promising candidates for reducing loads in variable wind conditions and turbulent flows as well as capable of changing the shape rapidly. The application of multistable laminates allows large deformations with modest actuation demand, without the need for a continuous supply of energy. They can undergo snap-through with the help of Macro Fiber Composites actuator patches. A rectangular multistable plate is designed with the optimal location of actuators, aiming at two-way snap-through without the loss of bistability. A multi-objective derivative-free optimization scheme is used to minimize the snap-through voltages and maximize the out-of-plane displacements. The designed multistable plates with actuators are embedded at a suitable location of the morphing trailing edge flap. As the multistable plates snap, the flap deflects to a new position. The mechanism of the new morphing concept is simulated and analyzed with finite element tools.