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Advanced manufacturing for advanced ceramics

: Michaelis, Alexander; Scheithauer, Uwe; Moritz, Tassilo; Weingarten, Steven; Abel, Johannes; Schwarzer-Fischer, Eric; Kunz, Willy

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Procedia CIRP 95 (2020), S.18-22
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining <20, 2021, Online>
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ceramics; advanced manufacturing; additive manufacturing; CerAMfacturing; CerAM MMJ; CerAM FFF; Multi-Material; hybridization

Additive manufacturing (AM) is on everyone’s lips, as previously unknown possibilities arise in the field of shaping. However, AM processes also have their limitations in terms of design freedom and still have some catching up to do compared to conventional processes in terms of realizable component properties and manufacturing costs. By adapting AM to the manufacturing of multi-material components, the component properties can be further increased, so that advanced ceramic components with previously unattainable properties and property combinations can be realized. This paper shows two different manufacturing strategies. With simultaneous manufacturing, thermal co-processing of the different materials is necessary, while this can be avoided with sequential manufacturing.