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Scratching Cu|Au Nanolaminates

: Gola, A.; Pastewka, L.

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Lubricants 7 (2019), Nr.5, Art.44, 12 S.
ISSN: 2075-4442
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We used molecular dynamics simulations to study the scratching of Cu|Au nanolaminates of 5 nm layer thickness with a nanoscale indenter of 15 nm radius at normal forces between 0.5μ N and 2μ N. Our simulations show that Au layers wear quickly while Cu layers are more resistant to wear. Plowing was accompanied by the roughening of the Cu|Au heterointerface that lead to the folding of the nanolaminate structure at the edge of the wear track. Our explorative simulations hint at the complex deformation processes occurring in nanolaminates under tribological load.