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Electroplating and Ablative Laser Structuring of Elastomer Composites for Stretchable Multi-Layer and Multi-Material Electronic and Sensor Systems

: Stier, Simon P.; Böse, Holger

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Micromachines 12 (2021), Nr.3, Art. 255, 17 S.
ISSN: 2072-666X
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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ablative laser structuring; composites; conductive elastomers; electroplating; sensors; Stretchable electronics; wearables

In this work we present the concept of electroplated conductive elastomers and ablative multi-layer and multi-material laser-assisted manufacturing to enable a largely automated, computer-aided manufacturing process of stretchable electronics and sensors. Therefore, the layers (conductive and non-conductive elastomers as well as metal layers for contacting) are first coated over the entire surface (doctor blade coating and electroplating) and then selectively removed with a CO2 or a fiber laser. These steps are repeated several times to achieve a multi-layer-structured design. Is it not only possible to adjust and improve the work previously carried out manually, but also completely new concepts such as fine through-plating between the layers to enable much more compact structures become possible. In addition, metallized areas allow the direct soldering of electronic components and thus a direct connection between conventional and stretchable electronics. As an exemplary application, we have used the process for manufacturing a thin and surface solderable pressure sensor with a silicone foam dielectric and a stretchable circuit board.