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Review and analysis of blockchain projects in supply chain management

: Dietrich, Fabian; Ge, Yiwen; Turgut, Ali; Louw, Louis; Palm, Daniel

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Procedia computer science 180 (2021), S.724-733
ISSN: 1877-0509
International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing (ISM) <2, 2020, Online>
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Blockchain; Komplexität; Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chains have become increasingly complex, making it difficult to ensure transparency throughout the whole supply chain. In this context, first approaches came up, adopting the immutable, decentralised, and secure characteristics of the blockchain technology to increase the transparency, security, authenticity, and auditability of assets in supply chains. This paper investigates recent publications combining the blockchain technology and supply chain management and classifies them regarding the complexity to be mapped on the blockchain. As a result, the increase of supply chain transparency is identified as the main objective of recent blockchain projects in supply chain management. Thereby, most of the recent publications deal with simple supply chains and products. The few approaches dealing with complex parts only map sub-areas of supply chains. Currently no example exists which has the aim of increasing the transparency of complex manufacturing supply chains, and which enables the mapping of complex assembly processes, an efficient auditability of all assets, and an implementation of dynamic adjustments.