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Tribological characterization of an alumina-based composite in dry sliding contact against laser-heated and unheated Inconel 718

: Zhao, B.; Khader, I.; Liu, H.; Zhou, T.; Konrath, G.; Kailer, A.


Tribology international 155 (2021), Art. 106773
ISSN: 0301-679X
National Natural Science Foundation of China NSFC
Fraunhofer IWM ()
alumina-based composite; high temperature friction; dry sliding; laser heating

Alumina-based ceramic tools have been successfully applied in high-speed turning of superalloys. In this study, the tribological characteristics of a novel Al2O3-SiCw-TiCn ceramic composite were investigated in unlubricated sliding contact against laser-heated (600 °C) and unheated Inconel 718 between 2.5 m/s and 10 m/s. The tribological behavior of the Al2O3-SiCw-TiCn ceramic was compared to a commercial Al2O3-SiCw ceramic. The results indicated similar coefficients of friction (COF) in laser-heated and unheated tests. Below 7.5 m/s, the wear mechanisms in laser-heated tests were brittle fracture, plastic flow and adhesive wear and predominantly brittle fracture in unheated tests. A tribochemical layer mainly containing chromium and oxygen has formed on the contact surface at 10 m/s resulting in lowering the COF and reducing wear.