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A multichannel neural signal detecting module: Its design and test in animal experiments

: Wang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Lü, X.; Gu, X.; Li, W.; Wang, H.; Jiang, Z.; Lue, G.; Koch, K.P.


Progress in natural science 17 (2007), Nr.6, S.675-680
ISSN: 1002-0071
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

A four-channel neural signal detecting module with an implantable 12-contact cuff electrode was designed for real-time neural signal recording on peripheral and central nerves. The mathematic coupling model between nerve and electronic system was analyzed. Electrode connection configurations were considered. The detecting circuit included an input coupling network, a pre-amplifier, and some filtering and notching stages. Shield guarding and the right-leg-driven circuit were developed for further elimination of common mode interference. By electrode switches, the module could cooperate with a nerve functional electrical stimulation circuit, building a neural channel bridge-connection system. It was tested by recording experiments on rat's sciatic and spine nerves. The signals in spontaneous and evoked conditions have been captured successfully. In addition, an implantable neural signal detecting CMOS IC has been introduced.