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Entwicklung eines Systems zur Untersuchung der biologischen Aktivität atmospherischer Gase in vitro

: Ritter, D.
: Alves, J.; Aufderheide, M.

Hannover, 2000, 221 S.
Hannover, Univ., Diss., 2000
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
gases; in vitro

A system was established for investigating atmospheric gaseous compounds in vitro. The system consists of a human-lung cell culture sytem, an exposure device and methods for the biochemical analysis of the exposed cells. The exposure device features the exposure of cultured cells outside an incubator. No conditioning of the sample gas is necessary regarding carbon dioxide content or humidity.
For a human adult lung fibroblast cell line (Lk004 cells), methods were established to obtain a non-proliferating cell system by means of a serum-free cultivation with hepes culture media. Furthermore, selenium was used to induce cellular glutathione peroxidase enzyme activity. Cells were cultured in microtiter plates under submerged conditions and on microporous membranes in transwell inserts at the air/liquid-interface.....