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Investigation Concerning the Influence of Vehicle Characteristics on Accident Occurrences Using the FIN's

: Bhakre, Keyur
: Kühn, Wolfgang; Schuster, Andreas; Pohle, Maria

Zwickau, 2020, 55 S.
Zwickau, FH, Master Thesis, 2020
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IVI ()
Verkehrsunfallforschung; traffic accident; accident research; Fahrzeugidentifikationsnummer (FIN); vehicle identification number (VIN)

The accident data analysis uses data mining and machine learning techniques, focusing on the factors that are involved in the accident occurence. This data is collected by the police who is a first investigator and afterwards used by the accident researcher to examine possible accident causes and influences. The main purpose of this thesis is to get an in-depth understanding by creating new data for accident researchers which helps to understand certain accident scenarios in more detail. The addidtional data is based on information derived from the decodation of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or in the German Language it is also known as Fahrzeugidentifikationsnummer (FIN). The FIN was decoded into its various sections in order to get the detail on its company, model and model year so that the analysis based on this factor can be added to the accident information and accident participant information. This system is automized for a fast integration of new FIN-data into the accident database and can further be used in the future in-depth study of accident occurrence.