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3.5 W Broadband PM Hybrid Amplifier at 2051 nm with Holmium- and Thulium-Doped Single-Clad Fibers

: Tench, Robert E.; Amavigan, Alexandre; Romano, Clément; Traore, Daniya; Delavaux, Jean-Marc; Robin, Thierry; Cadier, Benoît; Laurent, Arnaud; Crochet, Patrice


Journal of Lightwave Technology 39 (2021), Nr.5, S.1471-1476
ISSN: 0733-8724
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
Doped Fiber Amplifiers; optical fiber devices

We report the design and performance of a packaged broadband PM hybrid HDFA/TDFA in the 2000–2100 nm band using all-single-clad doped fibers. Internal small signal G = 49.1 dB, small signal NF = 6.5 dB, and P out = 3.54 W are achieved at λ s = 2051 nm. The simulated 3 dB output power bandwidth is 98 nm. Comparisons of experimental data and simulations show good agreement. We investigate through simulations an all-Holmium two stage PM optical amplifier design for comparison to the hybrid PM HDFA/TDFA.