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Mixed metal oxides as optically-passive ion storage layers in electrochromic devices based on metallopolymers

: Niklaus, Lukas; Schott, Marco; Subel, Jonas; Ulrich, Stephan; Reichert, Daniel; Posset, Uwe; Giffin, Guinevere A.


Solar energy materials and solar cells 223 (2021), Art. 110950, 8 S.
ISSN: 0927-0248
Fraunhofer IST ()
Fraunhofer ISC ()
electrochromic device; metallopolymers; ion storage layer; vanadium-titanium oxide; titanium-manganese oxide

Electrochromic devices (ECDs) based on iron metallopolymers (Fe-MEPE) and different oxide-based ion storage electrodes on fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO)-coated glass as transparent, conductive substrates are investigated in detail. Titanium-manganese oxide (TMO) thin film electrodes deposited by reactive magnetron co-sputtering on FTO glass were compared to commercially available titanium-vanadium oxide (TiVOₓ) for use as optically-passive ion storage layers. The ECDs with Fe-MEPE combined with TiVOₓ (coloration efficiency η = 2 cm² C⁻¹ at 584 nm) and Ti-rich TMO (η = −4 cm² C⁻¹) are blue-purple in the dark state at 0 V and become highly transmissive when 1.5 V is applied with a visible light transmittance (τv) change from 28% to 69% and 21% to 57% in 3 s and 13 s, respectively. The ECDs show fast responses and high reversibility over more than 100 cycles. The combination of Fe-MEPE and Mn-rich TMO (η = −24 cm² C⁻¹) leads to a dark brown ECD, which can be brightened at 2.5 V (τv: 4% ↔17%, 9 s for decoloring).