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Experimental Study on Redundancy Mitigation Techniques for the Dissemination of Collective Perception Messages

: Yu, Chunhai
: Klöppel-Gersdorf, Michael; Jacob, Richard

Dresden, 2020, 59 S.
Dresden, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2020
Fraunhofer IVI ()
collective perception; ITS; V2X; CPM; redundancy mitigation; IEEE 802.11p

Collective perception is a crucial aspect of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X), which enables Intelligent Transport Systems stations (ITS-Ss) to share locally perceived objects information by Collective Perception Message (CPM). However, CPM communication increases the channel load, which may lead to channel congestion. This work aims to study redundancy mitigation techniques, which can reduce channel load by reducing the message size. It is also found that the communication condition has a significant effect on the performance of the mitigation techniques. This work also aims to assess the performance of different mitigation techniques under various packet loss models achieved by IEEE 802.11p standard using the defined metrics. This thesis applies and adapts the definitions and concepts of availability and reliability theory to evaluate the CPM communication system from the application perspective. Further, this work defines test scenarios and implements an inter-vehicles CPM communication system. Finally, this work proposes an availability based mitigation technique to achieve a better tradeoff between channel load reduction and perception quality.