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Constrained optimization with DesParO

: Thole, C.-A.; Nikitina, L.; Nikitin, I.; Steffes-lai, D.; Roel, K.; Bruns, J.

Payerconsulting, Graz; Haus der Technik e.V. -HDT-, Essen:
2007 Conference Virtual Product Development (VPD) in Automotive Engineering. Proceedings : March 21st - 22nd, 2007, Lake Chiemsee, Germany
Graz: Payerconsulting, 2007
Conference "Virtual Product Development (VPD) in Automotive Engineering" <2007, Munich>
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

DesParO is a unique system for Design Parameters Optimization, providing the user with complete control of optimization process. Unlike existing automated optimization tools, DesParO allows the user to explore interactively the whole space of design variables and to find the optimal region with respect to multiple design objectives. DesParO provides the user with a global view on the design space, reveals a full set of alternative solutions and allows the user to select truly optimal design. Consequently, DesParO is free of common drawbacks inherent to automated optimization tools, such as a solution stuck in a local optimum typical for differential methods or exhaustive numerical experimentation of Monte Carlo alike strategies. In addition to the convenient exploration capabilities, DesParO offers the following unique features. - robust tolerance prediction: DesParO predicts not only the value of the design objective, but also the tolerance limits on the objective. For noisy objectives this allows to satisfy constraints in a safe manner, including the tolerance, and to obtain the robust optimal design.
- global correlation analysis: DesParO automatically recognizes a pattern of interdependencies between the optimization criteria and design variables and represents it as an easy-to-read color coded diagram. A diagram indicates most influencing design variables, most sensitive optimization criteria and shows also a sign of dependency: increase, decrease or non-monotony. - interpolation of FEM data: DesParO also provides interpolation of bulky data, such as FEM data files containing the results of numerical simulation, to the user specified values of design variables. This allows to visualize a full solution immediately and to inspect in detail the obtained optimal design. We have applied DesParO for solution of a constrained optimization problem at Volkswagen AG. The problem was to minimize the total mass of the vehicle varying thicknesses of 15 car body components, simultaneously targeting constraints on 11 additional optimization criteria related with safety and comfort characteristics. Optimization with DesParO allowed to achieve significant mass reduction keeping all constraints satisfied.