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Sketch-based Definition and Modification of Geometric Parameters for Mass Customization

: Berman, David
: Stork, André; Altenhofen, Christian

Darmstadt, 2020, 45 S.
Darmstadt, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D modeling; parametric modeling; gesture based interaction; Lead Topic: Digitized Work; Research Line: Computer graphics (CG); Research Line: Human computer interaction (HCI); Research Line: Modeling (MOD)

In this thesis I present a sketch-based approach for the definition and modification of 3D models. The system introduced in this thesis, focuses on simplifying the parameterization process of a 3D model in order to enable different design variants for personal use or mass customization. Furthermore the system is build upon the concept of using a sketch-based approach which allows for interaction directly in the 3D scene rather than relying on a 2D graphical user interfaces. To realize this approach, a gestural command set is developed that supports user interactions in form of sketches, that serve as an alternative to conventional user interfaces when working in a 3D environment. For selecting the elements of the underlying model to set parameters: A custom widget is introduced, which focuses on the positioning and orientation for a constrained modeling of the 3D object without changing its topology. A series of operation provide a direct control of setting the parameter boundaries and the parameter default value. Furthermore, the system allows to use those defined parameters to interactively modify the 3D model for creating new design variants via sketch-based interaction techniques. The process of choosing and modifying the defined parameters is realized directly in the scene with the help of a visual representation of the parameters. In addition to help manage the amount of user generated parameters in the scene, view management techniques were created in the form of interactive layouts. Those layouts provide visual clarity in situations where the defined parameters could overlap themselves. Practical examples have shown the ease of use with the sketch-based approach.