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Ultrashort pulse laser micro polishing of steel - Investigation of the melt pool depth

: Osbild, Martin; Brenner, Andreas; Röther, Leon; Finger, Johannes-Thomas

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Procedia CIRP 94 (2020), S.936-941
ISSN: 2212-8271
Conference on Photonic Technologies (LANE) <11, 2020, Online>
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ultrashort pulse laser; laser polishing; melt pool depth; surface quality; roughness

For the most demanding applications in mold and tool manufacturing, ultrashort pulsed laser structured surfaces sometimes do not meet the requirements for surface roughness. A subsequent polishing step in the same machine with the same beam source offers a time and cost effective solution. The novel approach of ultrashort pulse laser polishing with a pulse duration of τ=10 ps is investigated experimentally and theoretically in the present study. It is shown that a low micro roughness is achieved with a melt pool depth between 1 and 3 µm in hot-working steel 1.2738, which allows a polishing process for surface structures with small and fine geometry features without influencing the structure itself.