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Stakeholders' views on CCUS developments in the studied regions. D3.2 STRATEGY CCU. Draft version

: Oltra, Christian; Preuß, Sabine; Germán, Silvia; Wesche, Julius P.; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Prades, Ana et al.

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Erstellt am: 12.12.2020

Brussels: European Union, 2020, 96 S.
European Commission EC
H2020; 837754; STRATEGY CCUS
Strategic Planning of Regions and Territories in Europe for Low-carbon Energy and Industry through CCUS
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This deliverable mapped stakeholders’ views on CCUS technologies in the eight European "promising regions" of the Strategy CCUS project. This has involved identifying relevant actors for a societal discussion around CCUS and conducting interviews with selected representatives in the study regions as well as on the national and EU-level. This forms part of the STRATEGY CCUS project's approach to understanding stakeholder and public attitudes towards CCUS applications.