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Parameterization of Standard Test Scenarios of Automated Vehicles Using Accident Simulation Data

Paper presented at FISITA 2020 Web Congress, 24 November 2020
: Urban, Martin; Erbsmehl, Christian; Landgraf, Tom; Pohle, Maria; Mallada, Jorge Lorente; Puente Guillen, Pablo; Tanigushi, Satoshi

2020, 6 S.
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Ingénieurs des Techniques de l'Automobile (FISITA Web Congress) <2020, Online>
Fraunhofer IVI ()
automated driving; test definition; accident scenario; simulation
Anfrage beim Institut / Available on request from the institute

In February 2019, the Japanese society of automotive Engineers published a white paper titled »Proposal for the Autonomous Driving Vehicle Test Scenarios Standards«. This white paper comprehensively presents the current development state of a validation method for safety performance of automated vehicles, with the aim of safely introducing automated driving systems to the market. As part of the validation method, the white paper proposes thirty highway scenarios, which should be examined further in order to validate automated driving. The scenarios are defined by combining the road geometry (main road; marge; branch; ramp), the ego vehicle behavior (lane keep; lane change) and the surrounding environment or maneuvers of other vehicles (cutting in; cutting out; accelerating; decelerating; following (Synch) ). The objective of this research is to identify the important behavioral parameters of the ego vehicle in relation to the opponent vehicle next to several geometric and physical parameters needed for the analysis.