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Lessons from existing strategies on the role of technological-, market and human-resource context for promoting a structural economic change in strategy development

Breakout Session 4 at Track 2 - Policy and Society: Moving towards a sustainable and circular economy bioeconomy strategy development; 17.11.2020. Global Bioeconomy Summit, 16.-20.11.2020
: Beermann, Henrik; Silva, María; Unkelbach, Gerd; Mungeyi, Paulus; Schor, Tatiana; Bhumiratana, Sakarindr

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Global Bioeconomy Summit <2020, Online>
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Guiding principles and criteria:Principle 3. Sustainable bioeconomy should support competitive and inclusive economic growthCriterion 3.1. Economic development is fosteredCriterion 3.2. Inclusive economic growth is strengthenedCriterion 3.3. Resilience of the rural and urban economy is enhancedPrinciple 7. Sustainable bioeconomy should make good use of existing relevant knowledge and proven sound technologies and good practices, and, where appropriate, promote research and innovationCriterion 7.1. Existing knowledge is adequately valued and proven sound technologies are fosteredCriterion 7.2. Knowledge generation and innovation are promotedPrinciple 8. Sustainable bioeconomy should use and promote sustainable trade and market practicesCriterion 8.1. Local economies are not cons trained but rather expanded through the trade of raw and processed biomass, and related technologies.