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Mini wind harvester and a low power three-phase AC/DC converter to power iot devices: Analysis, simulation, test and design

: Pozo, B.; Araujo, J.A.; Zessin, H.; Mateu, L.; Garate, J.I.; Spies, P.

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Applied Sciences 10 (2020), Nr.18, Art. 6347, 45 S.
ISSN: 2076-3417
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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Wind energy harvesting is a widespread mature technology employed to collect energy, but it is also suitable, and not yet fully exploited at small scale, for powering low power electronic systems such as Internet of Things (IoT) systems like structural health monitoring, on-line sensors, predictive maintenance, manufacturing processes and surveillance. The present work introduces a three-phase mini wind energy harvester and an Alternate Current/Direct Current (AC/DC) converter. The research analyzes in depth a wind harvester’s operation principles in order to extract its characteristic parameters. It also proposes an equivalent electromechanical model of the harvester, and its accuracy has been verified with prototype performance results. Moreover, unlike most of the converters which use two steps for AC/DC signal conditioning—a rectifier stage and a DC/DC regulator—this work proposes a single stage converter to increase the system efficiency and, consequently, improve the energy transfer. Moreover, the most suitable AC/DC converter architecture was chosen and optimized for the best performance taking into account: the target power, efficiency, voltage levels, operation frequency, duty cycle and load required to implement the aforementioned converter.