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Promising polymer-assisted extraction of palladium from supported catalysts in supercritical carbon dioxide

: Ruiu, A.; Bauer-Siebenlist, B.; Senila, M.; Jänisch, T.; Foix, D.; Seaudeau-Pirouley, K.; Lacroix-Desmazes, P.


Journal of CO2 Utilization 41 (2020), Art. 101232
ISSN: 2212-9820
Fraunhofer ICT ()

Precious metals, in particular palladium (Pd), have a wide range of daily applications, from automotive catalysts to fine chemistry production. Nevertheless, these metals are relatively rare and highly expensive, considering their massive industrial utilization. In the last decades, different recycling methods have been explored. Nowadays, the most applied methods, namely pyro- and/or hydrometallurgy, involve energy-intensive processes and/or the generation of large amounts of effluents to be treated. Thus, the development of a more sustainable recycling process of precious metals is highly desirable. In the present work, we introduce a sustainable process based on the use of a green solvent, supercritical CO2, operated under mild conditions (P = 25 MPa and T = 40 °C). The extraction process is possible thanks to the addition of CO2-soluble complexing polymers bearing pyridine units. The proposed method leads to the extraction of more than 70 % of Pd from an aluminosilica-supported catalyst.