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Alternative to consensus scoring - A new approach toward the qualitative combination of docking algorithms

: Wolf, A.; Zimmermann, M.; Hofmann-Apitius, M.


Journal of chemical information and modeling 47 (2007), Nr.3, S.1036-1044
ISSN: 1549-9596
ISSN: 0095-2338
EISSN: 1520-5142
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

Since the development of the first docking algorithm in the early 1980s a variety of different docking approaches and tools has been created in order to solve the docking problem. Subsequent studies have shown that the docking performance of most tools strongly depends on the considered target. Thus it is hard to choose the best algorithm in the situation at hand. The docking tools FlexX and AutoDock are among the most popular programs for docking flexible ligands into target proteins. Their analysis, comparison, and combination are the topics of this study. In contrast to standard consensus scoring techniques which integrate different scoring algorithms usually only by their rank, we focus on a more general approach. Our new combined docking workflow-AutoxX-unifies the interaction models of AutoDock and FlexX rather than combining the scores afterward which allows interpretability of the results. The performance of FlexX, AutoDock, and the combined algorithm AutoxX was evaluated on the basis of a test set of 204 structures from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). AutoDock and FlexX show a highly diverse redocking accuracy at the different complexes which assures again the usefulness of taking several docking algorithms into account. With the combined docking the number of complexes reproduced below an rmsd of 2.5 angstrom could be raised by 10. AutoxX had a strong positive effect on several targets. The highest performance increase could be found when redocking 20 protein-ligand complexes of alpha-thrombin, plasmepsin, neuraminidase, and D-xylose isomerase. A decrease was found for gamma-chymotrypsin. The results show that-applied to the right target-AutoxX can improve the docking performance compared to AutoDock and FlexX alone.