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Validation of a Web-Based Planning Tool for Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Tumors

: Oostenbrugge, T.J. van; Heidkamp, J.; Moche, M.; Weir, P.; Mariappan, P.; Flanigan, R.; Pollari, M.; Payne, S.; Kolesnik, M.; Jenniskens, S.F.M.; Fütterer, J.J.

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CardioVascular and interventional radiology 43 (2020), Nr.11, S.1661-1670
ISSN: 0174-1551
ISSN: 1432-086X
European Commission EC
600641; Go-Smart
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Purpose: To validate a simulation environment for virtual planning of percutaneous cryoablation of renal tumors. Materials and Methods: Prospectively collected data from 19 MR-guided procedures were used for validation of the simulation model. Volumetric overlap of the simulated ablation zone volume (Σ) and the segmented ablation zone volume (S; assessed on 1-month follow-up scan) was quantified. Validation metrics were DICE Similarity Coefficient (DSC; the ratio between twice the overlapping volume of both ablation zones divided by the sum of both ablation zone volumes), target overlap (the ratio between the overlapping volume of both ablation zones to the volume of S; low ratio means S is underestimated), and positive predictive value (the ratio between the overlapping volume of both ablation zones to the volume of Σ; low ratio means S is overestimated). Values were between 0 (no alignment) and 1 (perfect alignment), a value > 0.7 is considered good. Results: Mean volumes of S and Σ were 14.8 cm3 (± 9.9) and 26.7 cm3 (± 15.0), respectively. Mean DSC value was 0.63 (± 0.2), and ≥ 0.7 in 9 cases (47%). Mean target overlap and positive predictive value were 0.88 (± 0.11) and 0.53 (± 0.24), respectively. In 17 cases (89%), target overlap was ≥ 0.7; positive predictive value was ≥ 0.7 in 4 cases (21%) and < 0.6 in 13 cases (68%). This indicates S is overestimated in the majority of cases. Conclusion: The validation results showed a tendency of the simulation model to overestimate the ablation effect. Model adjustments are necessary to make it suitable for clinical use.