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Design of a synthetic jet actuator for flow separation control

: Weigel, P.; Schüller, M.; Gratias, A.; Lipowski, M.; Meer, T. ter; Bardet, M.

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CEAS Aeronautical Journal 11 (2020), Nr.4, S.813-821
ISSN: 1869-5582
ISSN: 1869-5590
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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This paper describes the development of a piezo-electric synthetic jet actuator (SJA) of the AFLoNext project. Active flow—loads and noise control on next generation wing (AFLoNext) is a project within European Union’s 7th Framework Program. One of the main project goals is the application of active flow control (AFC) techniques, such as SJAs and pulsed jet actuators (PJAs) in two different application scenarios to evaluate the potential benefit for retrofit of current aircraft and also for future aircraft designs. This paper is focusing on the SJAs. For large-scale wind tunnel testing, an actuator panel with 84 SJAs including the drive electronics system was designed and pre-tested in a laboratory environment. The performance exceeds 100 m/s with outlet nozzles of 2.5 mm diameter and a span wise clearance of 10 mm. A second actuator design was prepared for the application on the outer wing region and was investigated in a harsh environmental test campaign. Two span wise rows of five actuators were integrated in a panel with 10 × 0.5 mm2 slotted outlet nozzles. With this design also velocities exceeding 100 m/s were measured. The actuators withstand different harsh environmental conditions including extreme temperature, rain, mechanical vibration and shock. With the results of the project, a technology readiness level (TRL) evaluation will conclude the maturity of the technology. Depending on the final test and evaluation results, achievement of TRL4 is expected.