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Influence of flange dimensions and geometrical imperfections on stress concentrations at welded flange necks

: Seidel, M.; Wegener, F.; Dijk, I. van


Stahlbau 89 (2020), Nr.11, S.932-943
ISSN: 0038-9145
ISSN: 0932-6375
ISSN: 1437-1049
Fraunhofer IGP ()

Ring flange connections for tubular towers, like those for wind turbines or chimneys, are subjected to significant fatigue loading. Next to the bolts, the weld connecting the flange to the tower shell also needs to be checked against fatigue failure. The flange causes local bending moments in the shell, which increase the meridional stress, i. e. stress concentrations occur. In this paper, the influence of geometrical imperfections on such stress concentrations is quantified and the influence of flange geometry on resulting stress is investigated. Recommendations are given for flange dimensions and the design procedure.