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DYNAPRO - Erfolgreich produzieren in turbulenten Märkten

DYNAPRO - Production into Dynamic Production and Organizational Structures in Turbulent Environments
: Kühnle, H.; Spiewack, M.; Brehmer, N.

Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 48 (2001), Nr.1, S.107-113
ISSN: 0043-6291
ISSN: 1605-8704
Fraunhofer IFF ()
DYNAPRO; dynamische Produktionsstruktur; Wandlungsfähigkeit; Unternehmen; dynamische Organistationsstruktur

The topic of securing and expanding Germany's position as an industrial base remains very much a subject of discussion. As soon as there are apparent signs of an economic upswing these are counteracted by reports of enterprises relocating production operations to cheaper sites abroad or of mass dismissals of staff. At an early stage Germany's Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Technology (BMBF) recognized that, in the face of fundamental changes in the industrial environment, purely external adjustments are not sufficient in order to maintain or increase the competitiveness of German business enterprises in turbulent international markets. The Production 2000 research program was initiated on the basis of preliminary work carried out for a study titled "Strategies for production in the 21st century", which was to set into motion a process of continuous improvement of production conditions in Germany's industrial production centers.