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Technology of localized surface modification

Technologie lokalisierter Oberflächenmodifikation
: Kunze, A.; Sonntag, F.; Rabenau, M.; Poll, R.

Boenick, U. ; International Organization for Medical Physics -IOMP-; European Federation of Organizations in Medical Physics (EFOMP); German Society of Medical Physics (DGMP); German Society for Biomedical Engineering (DGBMT):
Medical Physics. Vol. 1 : Proceedings of the jointly held Congresses ICMP and BMT
Berlin: Schiele & Schön, 2005 (Biomedizinische Technik 50, Suppl. 1)
ISSN: 0939-4990
International Conference of Medical Physics (ICMP) <14, 2005, Nürnberg>
Biomedical Engineering Conference (BMT) <39, 2005, Nürnberg>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Oberflächeneigenschaft; Oberflächenbehandlung; Laserbearbeitung; Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA); UV-Laser; Kontaktwinkelmessung; Excimer-Laser; Zellkultur; fibroblast; Polystyrol; Polycarbonat; Oberflächenstruktur

The technological base for simultaneous chemical and local functionalisation of polymer surface was developed using laser treatment under reactive gas. Polymers (PS, PC, PMMA) have been structured with two different uv-radiation lasers. With triple frequency modulated Nd:YAG laser rills and naps structures were created on the polymere surface. The evidence of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups was determined by contact angle measurement. Compared to the structure process using reactive gas (e.g. He and N2), it was possible to detect the influence of chemical functionalisation. Width of rills were scaled and made with an ArF excimer laser. The effect of structure and localized chemical functionalisation on cell behaviour was analyzed in a cell culture test with murine fibroblast (M2-10B4).