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Van der Pauw device used to investigate the thermoelectric power factor

: Haupt, Sebastian; Edler, Frank; Bartel, Markus; Pernau, Hans-Fridtjof

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Review of scientific instruments 91 (2020), Nr.11, Art. 115102, 9 S.
ISSN: 0034-6748
ISSN: 1089-7623
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Thermoelectric Power Factor; Van der Pauw Device

In this paper, we describe a measuring system based on the Van der Pauw principle with four calibrated type S thermocouples. By means of this system, we conducted traceable measurements of the absolute Seebeck coefficients and the electrical conductivity of thermoelectric bulk materials to establish a precise determination of the power factor. The results of a comparative investigation of metallic (ISOTAN® and Nickel) and semiconducting (SiGe) materials in the temperature range of 300 K–1100 K are presented. The good agreement of the Seebeck coefficients and electrical conductivities measured using the system and the data reported from the literature and values of these transport properties premeasured using another measuring system forms the basis for the usage of the system for the further certification of thermoelectric reference materials for the power factor up to 1100 K.