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Avoidance of liquid metal embrittlement during resistance spot welding by heat input dependent hold time adaption

: Böhne, C.; Meschut, G.; Biegler, M.; Rethmeier, M.


Science and technology of welding and joining 25 (2020), Nr.7, S.617-624
ISSN: 1362-1718
Fraunhofer IPK ()

Liquid metal embrittlement (LME) cracking can occur during resistance spot welding (RSW) in zinc-coated advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) for automotive production. In this study, a methodological variation of hold time is performed to investigate the process-related crack influence factors. A combination of numerical and experimental investigations confirms, that the extent of heat dissipation and re-heating of the sheet surface can be influenced and thus the degree of crack formation can be controlled in a targeted manner by the parameterisation of the hold time. The temperature and stress history of crack-free and crack-afflicted spot welds are analysed and a conclusion on the borders defining the LME active region is derived.