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Governing varieties of mission-oriented innovation policies: A new typology

Paper prepared for the IST conference 2020, the 11th International Sustainability Transition conference, 18-21 August 2020 as an Online Event
: Wittmann, Florian; Hufnagl, Miriam; Lindner, Ralf; Roth, Florian

2020, 25 S.
International Sustainability Transition Conference (IST) <11, 2020, Online>
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Anfrage beim Institut / Available on request from the institute

Mission-oriented innovation policies (MOIP) are today's go-to approach to foster research and innovation activities. Many global and European nations have subscribed to MOIP, aiming to steer innovation systems to directly address grand societal challenges. In reality, however, the policies subsumed under the label of MOIP are very diverse, making it hard to define this approach and assess its effectiveness and efficiency. In this paper, we seek to systematize current mission-oriented policies, focusing on the importance of the implementation process and the different requirements of governance. We propose a new framework for a more pronounced understanding of the diversity of MOIPs. By emphasizing the role of the state in mission-oriented innovation, we seek to shift from a problem-centered perspective towards the distinct peculiarities of different types of missions. We distinguish between a total of four (ideal) mission types, nested in the broader categories of accelerator and transformer missions. Applying the typology to the 12 missions of the German High tech Strategy 2025, we demonstrate the high diversity of missions even within a single national strategy, and underline the need for a more systematic approach to the study of mission-orientation. The newly developed framework can be helpful for a more pronounced understanding of the diversity of MOIPs and enhance the possibilities for systematic comparison and impact assessment.